About Lavendelfabrik

The concept behind Lavendelfabrik can be understood as
a mental and creative factory (fabrik = factory in Swedish), where creativity and art is seen as something that always changing and growing, something in a never ending production. Lavendelfabrik produces art with the aim to contribute with a little bit more joy, colour and playfulness
to this world.

Inside of this 'factory' things that are odd, different and wierd are desirable and precious. Lavendelfabrik is build on a marvelous understanding of this world and a belief that art and creativity can be tools in which to handle difficulties in a state of Wonder.

Analogue photo by: Valen Jagger

The creator behind Lavendelfabrik is Vendela Linder
– a Swedish contemporary artist, based in Stockholm.

The name Lavendelfabrik is a nickname her cousin gave her when they were kids. The name has almost become like a symbol and has grown to represent and remind Vendela of
the way in which she as a child with wonder Explored and looked at the world. An approach much desirable for Vendela still today.

Under the name Lavendelfabrik, the artist also creates work (art, illustrations and graphic material) for others and she is actively exhibiting and selling her art at designmarkets and fairs. If you are interested in hiring or collaborating with Vendela, please send an email to: info@lavendelfabrik.se.

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